5 Fiddly Bits Fleet Tracking Can Fix

There are so many things to consider when running a business, particularly when the nature of that business is to have a fleet of individual vehicles running around the country in different directions. Alongside the financial and administrative responsibilities like insurances, policies and appropriate legal or human resources documentation, you have to be able to manage your fleet and workforce physically.

From organising dispatches and deliveries to planning efficient routes and schedules, it can seem as though you need to have eyes everywhere and several pairs of hands to have even a chance of making it through without a hitch. This is where fleet tracking technology comes in; each individual vehicle is fitted with automatic location technology and the software collects the vehicles’ data and provides an electronic map of the fleet’s movements, aiding the overall fleet management. Some of the most common concerns addressed by tracking technology are:


By monitoring each individual’s average speed, the tracking software not only alerts you to drivers breaking the speed limit, it also encourages them to drive responsibly and within set limits. This lessens the chances of drivers receiving penalties and it even reduces cost by aiding efficient fuel consumption

Time Keeping

Late starts and early finishes can cost a company precious time and labour costs, hindering overall efficiency and potentially morale between employees. By reporting times when drivers start and end their journeys, the software allows you to track people’s time keeping and calculate the overall hours lost by the fleet as a whole; this then enables you to evaluate the situation and come up with a way to rectify it

Route Deviation

The time and energy spent planning a designated route for each driver is no trivial matter and when drivers deviate from this route, whether it’s because of personal reasons, a disregard for set plans and schedules or even for a legitimate logistical reason it proves detrimental to the overall efficiency and productivity of the fleet. By monitoring routes and identifying patterns you can address route deviation or amend current routes to more efficient alternatives

Unauthorised Use

Whilst most employees will not use a work vehicle for personal or unauthorised reasons, it is still a comfort to know that you will be alerted of the occasion should it ever arise. The unauthorised use indicator is also a valuable tool in the event of vehicle theft as you will receive an automatic alert and the authorities will then be able to use the same software to track and recover the stolen vehicle

Efficiency Issues

With fleet management software and technology you will have the ability to track vehicles, monitor use and schedules, identify patterns and amend daily fleet logistics in accordance to accurate real-time data, thus you will be able to benefit from:

  • Improved Customer Service
  • Optimum Fuel And Time Efficiency
  • Longer Lasting, Greener Vehicles
  • Reduced Fuel And Labour Costs
  • Reduced Risk Of Vehicle Loss And Subsequent Insurance Savings

Fleet tracking really does have the ability to solve some of your most common problems as far as fleet management goes; making it the perfect tool if you are looking to improve your business and workforce efficiency, save on output costs and bring your fleet up to date with the best new technology.

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