How to Choose the Perfect Sea-Doo Watercraft

With so many different Sea-Doo Watercrafts on the market, we know that choosing one can be tough! Read on to find the perfect watercraft for your needs.

Recreation Watercrafts: Some of the Sea-Doo Watercrafts are built to be taken out for a fun day on the water. This recreation category of watercrafts is best for those of you who are looking for a truly versatile Sea-Doo. The recreation models include the GTI 130, GTS 130, GTI Limited 155 and the GTI SE 130/155. If price is of major concern to you, the GTS 130 has the lowest sticker price starting at $8,199. That seems like a bargain compared to the GTI Limited 155, which has a starting price of $12,099. If price is not of much concern, the GTI SE 130/155 watercraft is great for any family. It is packed with helpful features such as wide-angle mirrors, which makes maneuvering the watercraft a breeze.


Tow-Sports: If you know you are going to need a watercraft that can tow wake skaters and wake boarders, you definitely need to check out one of the two tow-sport options of Sea-Doo Watercrafts. The Wake Pro 215 and the Wake 155 are both excellently designed to tow. The Wake 155 is substantially cheaper than the Wake Pro 215. The Wake 155 starts at $11,699, while the Wake Pro 215 has a starting price of $14,199. However, the Wake Pro 215 as a few additional features that you may find makes it worth the extra cost! Set the Wake Pro 215 in Ski Mode and anyone can essentially drive the vehicle like a pro. Plus, with the special S3 hull, the wake boarders stay flat on the water. The Wake Pro 215 also has a watertight removable storage bin for storing your essentials.

Performance Watercrafts: The performance watercraft is the largest category of Sea-Doo Watercrafts with five different options!  The models include the RXT-X aS 260, RXP-X 260, RXT 260, RXT-X 260 and the GTR 215. While all models allow you to go fast, perform incredibly well and have great control over the watercraft, there are subtle differences between the choices. The cheapest model is the GTR 215, which has a starting price of $11,899. The prices increase from there, with the most expensive model, RXT-X aS 260, starting at $16,499. The Sea-Doo RXT-X aS 260 is a great option, however, because it comes equipped with fully adjustable suspension. This allows you to get a customized feeling. The RXP-X 260 only has two seats, while the rest of the performance watercrafts have three seats. This is something to keep in mind if you have a large family. However, the RXP-X 260 does weigh substantially less than most of the other models.

Luxury Watercrafts: The Sea-Doo Luxury Watercrafts are stylish, comfortable and powerful. The four luxury models include the GTX Limited iS 260, GTX S 155, GTX Limited 215 and GTX 155. Starting price ranges from $12,199 to $16,999. If you are purchasing one of these models, consider adding on a few accessories to make the watercraft even more luxurious. There are many different storage, equipment and cover options to choose from.

Sea-Doo Spark: The Spark is the newest model of Sea-Doo to be released. It comes in a variety of bright and fun colors. The starting price is only $4,999. The Spark is very fuel efficient, light and easy-to-ride.

Written by Carey Wooldrige, owner and operator of Yacht Club Powersports. Located in Osage Beach, MO, Yacht Club is one of the best SeaDoo Dealers in the state, and the largest volume dealer in the world. 

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