Liberty Automotive Protection Benefits

Anyone who has owned a vehicle knows how stressful and costly unexpected vehicle repairs can be. Fortunately, there are companies whose business provides vehicle-owners with the peach of mind of knowing they are protected from major out-of-pocket repair costs. Liberty Automotive Protection has helped set the extended-service plan industry standard by providing their clients with customized and affordable service plans to suit their needs. Putting a call into the Liberty Automotive Protection phone number means taking steps towards knowing you and your vehicle are protected.



Why Liberty Automotive Protection?


While there are numerous auto-coverage plan companies out there, not all are created equal. Liberty Automotive Protection takes great pride in providing Americans with some of the most versatile auto-coverage plans around. The Liberty team provides unparalleled customer service to determine which type of service plan best suits the needs of each and every client. From basic to comprehensive, the Liberty extended-service plans are designed with a wide range of drivers, vehicles, and budgets in mind. The plans also include car rentals while your vehicles are being repaired, roadside assistance, lockout insurance, transferable coverage, and no limit on the number of claims you can make within your plan.


Select Coverage Plan


The Liberty Select coverage plan is a comprehensive policy that covers some of the most important components of a vehicle. This coverage plan is recommended for people wanting the ultimate peace of mind of knowing that they are protected from some of the most costly repair bills common to newer vehicles. The Select coverage plan includes the engine, transmission, electrical, front/rear suspension, brakes, air conditioning, electronics, sliding doors, GPS, and more.


Engine Coverage Plan


The Engine coverage plan is recommended for vehicles that are older and most likely will in need of costly repair bills associated with higher-mileage vehicles. This plan pays for the repair or replacement of engine parts that the plan includes. While not the most comprehensive plan, this plan is ideal for those with budgetary constraints that still want to guard against possible costly engine-repair bills. The Engine coverage plan includes the vehicles internally-lubricated parts of the engine, the engine block and the cylinder heads.


Powertrain Coverage Plan


The powertrain coverage plan is an extensive service plan that includes the transmission, engine, and drive axles. These components are known to sustain a lot of wear and tear over the years, and they also happen to produce some of the most costly repair bills. Those with newer vehicles are well suited for this plan if they are planning on driving the vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. The plan covers the internally-lubricated engine parts, transmission, and drive axles.


Powertrain Enhanced Coverage Plan


The Powertrain Enhanced coverage plan also includes the engine, drive axles, and transmission, with the addition of the vehicle’s electrical system, air conditioning, water pump, and supercharger.


If you are shopping around for an extended-service plan provider that has a solid reputation based on customer service and affordability, Liberty Automotive Protection is an ideal choice.


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