Tips For Traveling With Your Four-Legged Friend

What better way to experience a road trip than with your best friend? And since dogs are considered man’s (and woman’s) best friend, they make the perfect trip mates. It’s estimated that over 50% of drivers typically travel with their canine companions. They let you listen to whatever music you like, they aren’t picky about the snacks, and you can do all of the talking. While it all sounds like a comfortable experience for you, it’s important to plan ahead for your companion’s comfort too, especially if it’s a long road trip. Ensuring that your dog has all he needs, is relaxed so you can focus on the road ahead, and is comfortable during the process all help lead to great future road trips with your best friend.

Keeping It Normal

Like with a child, having a soft place to nap during the drive helps keep your travel buddy comfortable. If he has a favorite blanket or small bed that can be placed in the backseat this will help him feel more at home and have a tendency to stay in the back where he is safer. Place the bedding to one side and keep the other side clear so when he gets too warm, he has the option to cool down separately from the padding. Carrying a gallon of water and his favorite dish will make those bathroom breaks for both of you better if you can offer him some fresh water. If the trip will occur during his normal mealtime, try to make a point to keep his same schedule so his digestion isn’t interrupted any more than the open road will already bother it.

Keeping It Fun

If this is your pet’s first car trip, there may be some anxiety on his part. Knowing you are close by will help, but he still may be uncertain of what’s happening. Constantly talking with him in your happy voice and making frequent stops to let him run and play will keep him calmer and avoid bathroom accidents that may occur due to nerves. Be sure to bring some of his favorite toys or special treats to give him something to do when he isn’t napping or taking in the fresh air while he watches the scenery go by. These familiar and special things will make the adventure at once calming and special and in the future when he gets in, he will know that traveling is a positive thing.

Keeping It Comfortable

Being content will keep your companion coming back for the next road trip. The number one thing you can do is to make sure he isn’t cramped or uncomfortably packed into a small space between your luggage. Having a vehicle that offers both of you plenty of travel space for yourselves and your personal items makes the trip much more pleasant. Depending on your canine’s size, you may need to consider a larger vehicle if you plan to make more trips together. There are lots of vehicles available. Find one with an easy car loan approval processso you don’t have to spend time searching and getting qualified. This way you can spend more time comfortably traveling with your best friend.

The next time you want to go somewhere with your best friend, don’t just think of yourself. Put some thought into what makes him happy and content at home. Take steps to offer him his basic necessities on his schedule, special surprises and treats along the way, and the most comfortable traveling area possible. This could be a new form of adventure together and it’s important to make the trip happy and fun for both of you.

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