Toyota Rush SUV, Will it launch in India?

A lot of Indians have been waiting eagerly for the launch of the Toyota Rush. But why is it taking too long? It appears logical to launch the Rush in India because the demand for SUV vehicles is high. Toyota doesn’t have an SUV in India except for the Fortuner. Buyers have shown a lot of interest in the Toyota Rush.

The Rush is a seven-seater that has immense features and a big size compared to most of the SUVs available in the market. However, some inside sources have revealed that the Toyota Rush might not come to India. So why won’t it launching India? The reasons include the following;

  1. Diesel Dilemma

The 2018 Toyota Rush has been launched in different countries like South Africa, Indonesia, and it is expected to be launched in Thailand very soon. The Rush gets a 1.5litre of petrol in all these countries. The price for Rush is the same as Hyundai Creta and Renault Captur, i.e. Rs 10-15 lakh. Currently, this segment is largely driven by diesel engines in India; this is something that the Toyota Rush doesn’t have.

The gap between the petrol and diesel prices in India is also on the decline. This makes the buyers hesitant about purchasing diesel vehicles. And as such, there is no saying if the diesel will maintain its popularity in the mid-size SUV segment in the future.

  1. Old school Issues

And since people do love SUVs, whether pseudo or real, many people want their SUV to have features of an average car. Features like ease of driving, stability, handling, etc.  Body-on-frame SUVs like the Toyota Rush, mostly don’t ride and handle as well as unibody SUVs like the Renault Duster or Hyundai Creta. They have more body roll, they tend to have a bouncy ride, and don’t handle as well.

  1. The C-HR

Another reason why the Toyota Rush is not yet in India, is because they may have a better option in mind. The Toyota C-HR is among the first few products to be based on the Toyota New Global Architecture [TNGA] platform. This crossover is not only more modern but also looks the part with its fascinating style.

There have been rumors going around that the Toyota C-HR will be launched in India instead of the Toyota Rush. If the C-HR is launched it will fall into a slightly higher price bracket and the price is estimated at Rs 15 lakh.

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