What Are The Best Mag Wheel Brands

Are you planning to get mag wheels for your car? Well, choosing mag wheels for your car seems perfectly rational as these alloy wheels are renowned for their lighter quotient that eventually assures a super fast vehicle performance. In fact, the mag wheels are considered as kind of high status symbol for the car owner. Now, there are many wheels and tyres dealers around offering mag wheels for their customers but not all can ensure a quality buy. While picking your dealer you should be sure about buying from a top branded repertoire.


Here is a list for best mag wheel brands to go for.


Advanti Racing


The Taiwanese mag wheel brand is one of the most esteemed names across the global mag wheel scene serving since the year 1996. The Advanti mag wheels are said to be trend-setters in wheel market with its premium quality mag collections. It is said that the company meticulously crafts each of its mag wheels with great precision & forward styling.


Avant Garde


This is another top most brand when it comes to mag wheels. The Avant Garde mag wheels are considered as status quo across the wheel scene given their superior standards, backed by performance-driven engineering. The company is very careful about proper fitments of the wheels since their nascent stage. The interesting part is that Avant Garde isn’t only focused on the wheel quality but also on the looks.




Giovanna is one of the best names for mag wheels in the market. The esteemed Italian wheel manufacturer is especially famous for its custom made wheels designed for elite luxury cars, SUVs, trucks & crossover vehicles. The sizes come within a range of 17 inches to 26 inches in machine face, black & silver finishes.




D is one of the most trusted names in the international mag wheel industry. It caters to high end mag racing wheels that come in black & glossy chrome finishes. The car fitments for D mag wheels include most of the Toyota, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Honda and Audi models.




The Lavinhard mag wheels are a favorite of car experts. The company manufactures its wheels with premium quality materials & a detailed design is one of the major highlights of the firm. The Lavinhard wheels are offered in a wide range of strip colors & finishes.




The Zenetti mag wheels are defined by their classy machine faced and black finishes. These premium quality wheels cater to a wide range of elite branded models such as Nissan, Ford, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Jeep, Honda and Holden.



Lorenzo is again one of the most renowned mag wheel brands in the market for years. The company is hailed for its superior standard custom luxury mag wheels. The wheel chrome is the most highlighted aspect of Lorenzo products which are super lustrous & glossy. Many celebrity riders prefer the Lorenzo wheels such as Darren Harper, Jason Terry & Erik Apple.



Since mag wheels are generally pricey, your focus would be on those reputed dealers that offer top branded mag wheels at cheap wheels packages.

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