Why a Secure Garage Door is Important

Most people use their garage either for keeping their car safe or for storing goods. In spite of this, many people do not give much thought to garage security. Instead, they feel that any garage door, as long as it is locked, will keep the contents protected. Sadly this is not the case, and to truly make your property off-limits to criminals a strong, secure garage door is a must.

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The Average Garage

A recent poll has shown that, when used for storing goods, the average garage holds items worth around £3,500. That same poll also gathered data suggesting that the average car was valued at almost £13,500. Sometimes, garages are also used to store items that do not get used often but may have sentimental value. When a garage contains these kinds of items, it is obviously important to keep the contents secure.

Types of Garage Door

There are several types of garage door. The most common type is known as the “up and over” door, and this has become known as the standard type of garage door. However, a range of other options exist such as a roller shutter doors, similar in many ways to the security shutters you see on the front of a shop. They are also one of the cheapest types to motorise, which makes them a common choice among people who look for this in a garage door. Another option, the sectional garage door, is also similar to some types of security shutter and is known for giving greater security. Side hinged doors, which open outwards like barn doors, are also a popular option, often for decorative reasons.

There are also a range of materials that can be used for a garage door. These range from timber, which is usually a cosmetic choice, to strong, layered steel for the best possible security. ABI Garage Doors, a trusted supplier of high-quality garage doors in Wakefield, can supply a wide range of types and materials to suit your needs.


Obviously, a more secure garage door will simply be more difficult to break open. If a thief considers targeting your garage, a strong, secure garage door will often also act as a deterrent. A simple garage door with just a standard, basic lock will often be easy for a criminal to break into. Sometimes they can even be forced with little effort or commotion, especially if the door in question is quite old. To a thief, this will make your garage quite attractive.

On the other hand, a more secure garage door will put off potential burglars. They will either see that the door is more difficult, or quickly discover it once they start trying to break in. Getting through it would require a lot of effort with no guarantee of success. It would also be time-consuming and cause a lot of noise, which risks attracting attention. Usually, this will make a thief simply decide that it is not worth the effort, and move on to look for easier prey.


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